From: Subject: Date: April 21, 2005 3:53:51 PM CDT Hankblog: Dude get your quarters up on the machine

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dude get your quarters up on the machine

On the heels of Norbizness' Comedy Movie bracket, won handily by Dr Strangelove, Norbizness has a post highlighting Scamboogah's classic video game bracket (pre-1990 defining classic). Round 1 was split here and here. Skip all the way to the Final Four here. Highlighting some of my favorites from the original list:

Narc - Was an Atari arcade title if I remember right, and pretty hard core for kids back in the late 80's. Course this was still more or less Reagan America, so it went over fairly well. Mowing down junkies while they attempted to tag you with drug syringes. Good old fashioned family fun.

Spy Hunter - Kicked sooooooo much ass. I preferred the sit down version over the upright console. James Bond style gadget car trying to blow up bad guys and run them off the road. I preferred the smoke screen to the oil slick as far as the weapons go.

Tron - Ate so many of my quarters, I could have done laundry for two years in college with what I pumped into the damn thing. The movie made the game so much cooler. I still get a kick out of the flick on a cheesy level. No point explaining this one. Either you know the game or you dont.

Missing from the list in a big big way:

Sinistar - This game was so wicked cool, it wasn't even funny. Shoot the rocks to dislodge the crystals that made the special bombs you used to blow up the Sinistar once it came alive. And the voice that boomed out of the machine when it came alive was too frigging cool.

Beware, I live!

And I knew the game was impossible to beat but it rocked just the same. Ah memories.

If you were raised by video games as I was, I want to hear about your favorites in the comments to this post over at The Blue Parrot. Share the love!