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Friday, May 14, 2004

The ongoing Mike Danton drama

I guess I've found my recurring subject beyond movies. Parts 1, 2, and 3 of this story.

Since we last left our protagonist, Danton had been jailed on charges of trying to hire a hitman to kill an unknown party. ESPN had speculated that the target might have been Danton's agent Mike Frost. Said target had since said that Danton is actually an addict who's not in his right mind.

Last Saturday, Danton read a statement over the phone from prison to a reporter from the St Louis Post Dispatch. The statement was given without the knowledge of Danton's defense attorney. So naturally the target of ire from Danton's statement would be his alleged victim, right?

Reading calmly, directly and slowly, according to the Post-Dispatch, at times repeating phrases to assure that his statement was copied verbatim, Danton reiterated his support of Frost and his disdain for his family.

Danton said his family's "recent publicity rants are nothing new."

"Their deceptions and lies throughout the past three weeks are a sign of the erratic lifestyle that I have lived. I have changed my last name to fully distance myself from the Jeffersons and in no means have had or will have anything to do with them in the future." (emphasis mine, Jefferson is Danton's given name)

What the hell? And guess who helped Danton write this statement while in prison? That's right. David Frost, Danton's agent, and the alleged target of the killing.

Now today, a judge has stepped in at least part way and prohibited Danton from talking to Frost.

Mike Danton, accused by federal prosecutors of trying to hire a hit man, must refrain from talking with the man prosecutors say he wanted dead.

U.S. District Judge Michael Reagan ordered that no contact take place between the St. Louis Blues winger and his agent, David Frost, but said at a Friday status conference that Frost's family may continue to contact and visit the hockey player.

"Your best friends now are your attorneys," Reagan said. "It's best to keep your mouth shut."

No shit, Sherlock. Danton has apparently disowned his own family and claims Frost's family as his own. Danton's plead not guilty to all charges, and there's a real possibility that Frost could testify during the trial, though on which side is unknown at this point.

Now I know what Law and Order is going to open up with next season I think.