From: Subject: Date: April 21, 2005 3:53:51 PM CDT Hankblog

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Ire over Idol

Few things really invoke my sense of cynicism more than reality TV. I found The Apprentice this last TV Season a moderately entertaining watch, mainly because it was readily apparent to me how some of what the folks getting cut and moving on could actually apply what they did and learned to their real lives. Anybody who applies what they learned from, say, Survivor, I don't want anywhere near me anytime, anyplace.

That having been said, if I see running one more story like this on the front frigging page, I think I'm going to have to beat somebody or something with a blunt object:

London kept smiling even as the crowd booed in reaction to her removal from the Fox TV singing competition.


The show's judges were more candid in their reactions.

"I think America got this one wrong this week," Paula Abdul said.

"I think it's a travesty," echoed Randy Jackson.

Um, no Randy. What happened in Abu Ghraib is a travesty. What happened to Nicholas Berg is a travesty.

This is a damned popularity contest that didn't turn out the way the "cool kids" seemed to think it ought to. And what the hell did you expect anyway? You put the decision of who stays and who goes in the hands of the general public, who can't stay focuses on the news for more than 15 minutes, let alone who's a better singer. And you're surprised when the vote doesn't turn out the way you friggin expected it to? Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick!

And what's worse is that this is the second time CNN has run a story on the website about the so called "expert" judges disagreeing with the public vote. Folks, this isn't Florida in 2000. This is a mediocre TV show with mediocre talent competing to be flavor of the week. So why the hell are we lending it any weight at all like this has some kind of serious social impact??? From the second story, lead paragraph:

"Theories flew fast and furious Thursday after the "American Idol" viewer vote went against favorite Jennifer Hudson, ranging from racism to fateful weather to teenage puppy love."

Racism??? RACISM?!?!? You're using a stupid contest to ask questions about racism??? Give me a break, please.

Oh and Ryan Seacrest? You talentless no good hack, when the voting audience makes a decision, don't go out and bag on their choice.

"Even series host Ryan Seacrest chastised viewers.

'America, don't forget you have to vote for the talent. You have to keep your favorites in the competition. You cannot let talent like this slip through the cracks,' he said after results were announced Wednesday."

Maybe their voting reminded you that you're one bad sweeps week from being resigned to corner square status on the next Hollywood Squares knockoff, trading pithy cracks with Whoopi Goldberg and a damn muppet, but don't take it out on them because you're one step away from making that phone call to your folks that goes "Hi Mom, I'm Goofy."

Somewhere, Bill Hicks is spinning in his grave trying to get out to really lay one on these chumps. God knows, they're easy enough targets.