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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Future notices/personal update

After next week, the Movie Retrospectives series will be put on a temporary hiatus. For those who know me personally, you know what the deal is. For those who don't, in the matter of a couple of weeks, I will become a first time homeowner.

The whole ordeal of buying a house has been educational, a little trying (though I didn't find it as tough as some other have), and more than a little scary. I don't find it frightening on the basis of impending adulthood, as that has been something I have been dealing with for some time.

I think I find it more scary for the volume of responsibility that comes with it. There's a lot that goes into taking care of a house. And though getting mine new helps save me some of the headaches that come when things break down, the simple matter is there's still a lot to learn, do, and know in becoming a homeowner.

That having been said, I look at my life and can only come to one conclusion. I find myself sitting here in a coffee shop, working on an iBook that I own, in a city with wireless nodes in every place I love to sit and just be. I have many good friends who do a lot for me, and make me feel comfortable with who I am. Those friends include an ex-wife who could easily have let things in our separation and divorce turn ugly, just as I could have. The fact that she felt it just as important as I to maintain friendship and not burn bridges is a blessing.

I have a wonderfully supportive family who helped me through the pains that did come with the divorce. They are also making this home purchase possible with all the help they can give me.

I have a good solid job, working with really great people. I want for nothing in this world.

So every day, even when reading the news makes the world look as bleak and depressing as things can possibly get in this world, I still feel I can sit here and say that I am truly blessed. Life really is good.

Part of what makes it good is knowing that mo