From: Subject: Date: April 21, 2005 3:53:51 PM CDT Hankblog

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Body slam

Atrios points readers to this opinion piece in the Washington Post. It's extremely pointed in its assessment of the current White House position on Iraq. Several blogs have brought notice to the last few lines of the column. I think they're on point enough to follow the trend:

"And rather than internationalize control, it's increasingly apparent that we've opted to privatize our force -- relying on private security guards to supplement our official force on the ground. The decision epitomizes much that's wrong with the Bush presidency -- in particular, its desire to evade responsibility and accountability for its actions.


The only unequivocally good policy option before the American people is to dump the president who got us into this mess, who had no trouble sending our young people to Iraq but who cannot steel himself to face the Sept. 11 commission alone. "