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Monday, April 05, 2004

Light blogging today

Today is opening day of the baseball season, a religious holiday for me. As such, blogging will be very limited, unless by some chance my iBook is back from repair. If such is the case, I'll be blogging opening day from a bar on 6th Street (thank god for wireless internet). If not, don't expect too much from me.

Movie retrospectives this week will be in keeping with an indirect theme tied to Easter. Because the Easter season is a reminder of the suffering and sacrifice in the name of a greater good, your intrepid writer will tackle 5 of the worst movies of all time, going over what makes them bad and why they need to be avoided like the plague. Hankblog: watching bad movies so you won't have to.

Meantime, my friend Anders sent me this link for opening day. If there are any other baseball junkies besides me reading this, check out this list of the best baseball books due out this year.

Play Ball!