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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Iraq Redux

The last posts I had on Iraq came well before the events in Fallujah last week. Needless to say the images sent back from that massacre were horrific. Having just recently seen the movie Black Hawk Down, I can understand very easily how those killings have been compared to what happened to soldiers in Mogadishu (sp?).

Naturally this led to many outraged cries on the right. The most notable of which would have been this column on in which Kathleen Parker called for nuking the entire Sunni Triangle. Leaving aside the utter ridiculousness of calling for nuclear Armageddon, if the Islamic radicals & terrorist who we're fighting consider themselves holy warriors, wouldn't bringing about the end of the world play into their hands. In essence Kathleen, if we nuke them, haven't the terrorists already won?

Seriously, leaving aside this goofy point I made, there have been an exceptional number of posts over at the Whiskey Bar by Billmon that go over the escalations that have occurred in Iraq. See Strange Fruit to see that the atrocities committed against the dead in Fallujah aren't isolated to the Middle East. Be forewarned: there are some very disturbing images as part of the post. The deaths in Fallujah inevitably prompted a military response, which Billmon previewed here. The subsequent battle led Billmon to make some observations that the Sunni Triangle struggle bears more than a passing resemblance to the Tet Offensive. Of course, fearless leader has insisted that Iraq will not be another Vietnam, and if he says it it must be so. Course, if it does start looking like Vietnam, maybe Shrub will disappear in Alabama for a year, and make the election easier to carry for the good guys in November.

Hey, I can dream.

More catchup coming soon.