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Friday, March 12, 2004

Good lord is this man messed up

Next thing you know, Jim Harrick Jr will be saying that Enron's executives should be hailed for teaching business ethics. Read this.

Ok, no one I know is so delusional that they think college athletes are there for an education at the big time programs. King Kaufman over at has railed on this subject for quite some time in relation to college football. Kaufman had a pretty good column about why we might want to pay college athletes here (if you're not a Salon member, you need to watch an ad to get a day pass). And he gave a good look at how the Baylor tragedy revealed a lot about how corruption is endemic to college sports here.

But in as we approach the end of a season in which the NCAA would like the Baylor scandal to just fade into memory, Harrick Jr really needs to just shut up if he ever wants to be allowed near a college program again. For those who haven't been following the mess that Jim Harrick and his son left behind at Georgia, read this, for starters.

Now Harrick Jr says that he expected to be a "Teacher of the Year" for his work. Well no wonder! He gave a ridiculously easy final in a class where he gave every student an A. If Harrick were teaching at UT, I might have gotten my degree in 3 years instead of 13. You better believe I would have given him rave reviews.

Some people just don't know when to shut up.