From: Subject: Date: April 21, 2005 3:53:51 PM CDT Hankblog

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Let the mudslinging commence.


Ok, i'm not going to defend Kerry. Yes, he may well think that the current admin is crooked. He shouldn't have said anything until he was absolutely sure the mike was off, if he wants to try and take the high road against W.

But this administration calling for an apology from Kerry? When this is the same President who made a "offhand" comment about a journalist he didn't like by calling him an a$$hole to Cheney during the campaign in 2000, and then didn't offer an apology to the recipient of his high minded praise? Who's VP is still receiving payouts from a company that has ripped off taxpayers by charging for meals they didn't serve to our soldiers in Iraq, with no serious investigation pending? And isn't this the second time Haliburton has taken too much from the government, and only given back after getting caught with their hand in the till?

And they're indignant about being called crooked. Yeah, right. Pot, kettle. Kettle, pot.

Update: Josh Marshall of goes right where I did :-)