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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Box office, movie geekdom, and me

Via Pharyngula, Norbizness lists the movies off the top 100 grossers of all time that he has seen in a theater when they were released. I looked over the list, and was a little disheartened to see that while Norbizness can still hold his indie creds with pride having seen less than a quarter of these puppies in a theater, I have to grudgingly admit to being a tool of the studio system, as there are only 15-20 movies on this list I haven't seen.

#26 How The Grinch Stole Christmas - which is only a half truth since I did go to see it in a theater with the former spouse, and we walked out of the thing about 1/3 of the way through. First movie I have walked out of that I paid for in years and years.

#32 Bruce Almighty - It still annoys me that tripe like this can be top 50 all time, but quality work Carrey has done like Eternal Sunshine languishes in relative obscurity by comparison.

#35 My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Ultimately seen on video.

#38 Castaway - Ditto above

#41 Rush Hour 2 - Can't believe this one is up here on this list. Jackie, what happened to you?

#46 Mission Impossible 2 - Despised the first one.

#48 Austin Powers: Goldmember - The shtick was played out by this point for me.

#56 Pearl Harbor - Ugh

#66 What Women Want - Will not see it after seeing the damn Passion. Mel is not getting one more penny of my cash.

#68 Liar Liar - More Carrey crap.

#72 Planet of the Apes - Saw it on video and wonder how in the hell it managed to make this much.

#76 Top Gun - Amazingly despite the fact that my youngest brother watched this movie to absolute frigging death at home on video, I still have not seen this one.

#77 There's Something About Mary - Saw it on video, and I'm sorry folks, it really wasn't that funny. People willing to spend this much money for a joke about semen mousse makes me weep for the future.

#80 Home Alone 2 - I'm still not proud I saw the first one.

#87 Tarzan - Disney's so gone down the toilet.

#88 A Beautiful Mind - Not much interest, although since it won Best Picture I'll see it eventually to rank it among the best/worst Oscar decisions of all time.

#91 Meet the Parents - So many people talking about the damn movie just turned me off of it.

#94 Catch Me if You Can - Might be the only Spielberg I haven't seen.

#95 Big Daddy - If it ain't Punch-Drunk Love Adam Sandler, I ain't watching it.

#96 The Sound of Music - Just no interest.

#100 The Waterboy - See #95.

So 21 movies out of 100 that I haven't seen yet, and that will likely change once SpiderMan 2 comes out and bumps Waterboy out of the top 100, leaving me at a robust 20 percent not seen.

Throw notes out in the comments about any of the top 100 that you have particularly good or bad memories about.