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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Sadly, No Flash

The good folks over at Sadly, No must be teaching themselves flash animation of late. Last few Fridays they've put up a new Flash movie that pokes some fun at some of the right wings foibles. Today they put it up early due to being off the blog tomorrow. Watch it here, if you have some time. It's my favorite of the three they've done (others are here and here), though it does take a while to get to the heart of what they're trying to say.

I support legalizing gay marriage from the most straightforward position I can imagine. If it's not unreasonable for Rick Santorum to equate homosexuality to beastiality in utilizing a slippery slope argument, then it's not unfair for me to ask the following question: Is it not unreasonable to assume that if you approve a ban on gay marriage, then what would prevent people from barring me (as an example) from marrying a white woman (I am Hispanic and divorced from The Goddess, a white woman, for the three of you reading this who did not know)? Or from marrying a non-Catholic, as I was raised, baptized, and confirmed Catholic? To deny me that right on any level should make anyone outraged, and yes, to a reasonable mind, this is a ridiculous argument to make. Yet the argument against same sex marriage stems from the same flawed logic, and no one on the right seems willing to acknowledge just how flawed that thinking is.

An oversimplified point to make, but just wanted to get it out there, before I head back into the salt mines. Enjoy the animation. More stuff up later, hopefully.