From: Subject: Date: April 21, 2005 3:53:51 PM CDT Hankblog

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The vitriol has started spewing forth

So I guess it was a little much to hope for that there wouldn't be too much undue Reagan bashing before the funeral. Working for Change has this obit/eulogy for the late former President that is a very angry counterpoint to the rose colored glasses the right has been viewing the Reagan legacy through. In particular, the comments about the AIDS funding is particularly important to keep in mind. It's not as overt a slam against the homosexual community, who bear the lion's share of AIDS cases in the US if I remember right, as the war against gay marriage has been. But his decisions in this respect have to be considered far more damaging to the community at large.

I would condemn this writing as bitter politicization of a funeral, much in the same way the right lambasted the Wellstone memorial in 2002, were it not for this post on AmericaBlog that shows that Bush/Cheney didn't even wait for the old man to get cold before molesting the corpse. I'd say I'm waiting for the Right to condemn the campaign in the same angered tones they lambasted Democrats at the Wellstone memorial, except that, well...I live in the real world.

I think that Jesus General puts the best final spin on it. Make the Gipper Nancy's answer to Trigger.