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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Culpability of the press

Atrios points us to this column from Richard Cohen. While Atrios notes this passage:

If that is the case, and it sure seems so at the moment, then this commission has to ask us all -- and I don't exclude myself -- how much of Congress and the press went to war with an air of juvenile glee. The Commission on Credulous Stupidity may call me as its first witness, but after that it has to examine how, despite our vaunted separation of powers, a barely elected president opted for a war that need not have been fought.

I wonder what the wingnuts are going to think of this earlier paragraph:

Yet it explains, as nothing else can, just why Bush is so adamantly steadfast about Iraq and why he simply asserts what is not proved or just plain untrue -- the purported connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, for instance, or why Hussein was such a threat, when we have it on the word of David Kay and countless weapons inspectors that he manifestly was not. Bush talks as if only an atheist would demand proof when faith alone more than suffices. He is America's own ayatollah.

On wonders if the dittoheads and whatnot will call for Cohen's head on a pike for associating Fearless Leader with some aspect of the religion of the enemy. Why, you'd think Rush might call for a wingnut jihad against the Post.

Oh, wait a minute...