From: Subject: Date: April 21, 2005 3:53:51 PM CDT Hankblog

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

MLB Baseball Misery Index

ESPN did a compilation of what it calls the Misery Index for all 30 MLB teams. In addition to having some amusing illustrations, I think it raises some good points. A few observations and quibbles:

- Cleveland absolutely deserves the #2 spot. The only thing they failed to mention was the boating accident that killed Steve Olin and Tim Crews in spring training. Had that not happened, their run of successful seasons might have actually started a couple years earlier.

- Texas derves to be ranked a little higher (and certainly higher than the Astros) just because of all the flack they caught for the ARod signing. After Steinbrenner, I think Hicks was the second most frequently cited cause for "the downfall of baseball". That, and while they and Houston have never won a postseason series, Houston at least has come close, most notably in 1986 when they lost that tough game 5 to the Mets. Texas, with all due respect, hasn't been in the same zip code as a series win. Sorry Brea :-(.

- Tampa I think should rate a higher misery index just for the team name. Whoever thought of Devil Rays needs to be drawn and quartered. Plus that stadium is the pits too.

- Anaheim should be ranked lower. Not just for winning a series two years ago, but because their offseason signings improved an already fairly good team. Not much misey out West these days.

- Reds should be closer to the middle of the pack for two words alone: Marge Schott

- There's no way you can say the Braves are less miserable than the Fish, when the Braves have 12 divisional titles, and one fewer championship than the Fish to show for it. I mean, with all due respect, Atlanta is the epitome of the pro sports equivalent of blue balls. They tease you bad, but never quite get there.