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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A most unusual auction

I've been fascinated by some of the more unusual auctions that Ebay carries whenever one pops up. Of late, I've been amused and a little bit saddened by the Great Chicago Fire Sale, which has some really neat items up for auction, but at the same time makes me sad and a little bit angry that this is what a city has to do to raise money to help compensate for budgetary shortfalls. Not a person who's hard up for a little cash. An entire freaking city.

Then there was all the Elian Gonzales stuff that was up for auction when that whole brouhaha was going on. There were people auctioning dirt that ostensibly came from the yard of the uncle who's house Elian was taken from. There was someone peddling Elian Gonzales "air" collected from the same yard (oy vay!). I was laughing my ass off at someone who was trying to peddle one of the dolphins that supposedly helped keep Elian afloat until he was rescued at sea on the trip to the US from Cuba before Ebay pulled the auction.

But I have to say Websnark has one of the more unusual ones I've seen that I think I would consider bidding on (had the bidding not already gotten WAY out of my budget). Basically Websnark is a blog set up to provide commentary/snark on various things, predominantly webcomics, but occasionally broaching out into other areas. And now, the author of websnark is auctioning for charity a custom snark on a topic of the winning bidder's choosing.

Go to the post and see the details/limitations on it. If you're interested, put in a bid, though it's up to $100 already and will likely get higher. And then put in the comments what you would have him snark on if you were the winning bidder. Right now, I think I'd have him snarking away on the whole Barry Bonds/steroid muck, but that seems sort of cliche. Any better ideas?