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Monday, December 06, 2004

Movie snark for everyone:

Norbizness provided this wonderful link to Doug Benson's movie review "column" I Love Movies, with more snark per capita than recommended by the FDA. Some of the highlights from this week's writeup:

Just once I’d like to see a "fish out of water" story – like the last Hilary Duff movie – where the fish out of water dies. Because that is what actually happens to a fish out of water.

CLOSER – Just because Julia Roberts recently gave birth to twins, and Natalie Portman is young enough to be my younger sister, don’t think I’m not gonna go to this movie in my trench coat and do what I gotta do. (ed. note - ew...wait til you get home first at least)

NATIONAL TREASURE - If you like comedy, romance and kick-ass action…you should see something else.
Check out the archives for more fun. And can you tell work was a bit slow today?