From: Subject: Date: April 21, 2005 3:53:51 PM CDT Hankblog

Friday, November 12, 2004

Hold 'Em Junkie

So as I think I mentioned previously, I have recently become a Texas Hold 'Em addict with some of the various free games around town. Recently, I had the fortune to try out the games being put on by The Fantasy Poker League. They are doing point based tourneys that will feed into larger area tourneys which will feed into one big statewide qualifier. The statewide tournament's grand prize is a spot in the World Series of Poker. So as I play in their games, I'll put up notes on how I'm doing here.

Right now, if you go to their leaderboard, select TX, and then use the pull down to bring up the board for Ringers Sports Lounge here in Austin, you will see I am a robust 8th place with only one tournament under my belt :-). Should enjoy it while it lasts, so I will brag on my mad poker skillz to all my homies out there, yo yo!

OK, now that I've made an ass of myself ;-)....