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Friday, November 12, 2004

Apologies, lamentations, and other nonsense.

Haven't posted in more than a week, and I am sorry for that. The elections took a lot out of me.

I imagine if you're on the blogsphere to any degree, you've already read a lot of reasons why the election results hurt if you're on the lefty/progressive side of the political fence. If you're on the right side, you likely don't care much why it hurts, you got the results you supported most likely.

For me, I think the thing that hurts the most, or upsets me the most, is the way this election seemed to put a seal of approval on a culture of hate.

I have a friend who I have come to be quite close to over the last few months. Just met her this summer through a mutual friend. She is a gay woman, and I can't even begin to fathom how hard the elections hit her. 11 of 11 states passed measures banning gay marriage. 11 of 11 states have basically said that she is considered a second class citizen, including her home state.

She's not a decadent hedonist, as Alan Keyes tried to paint all homosexuals with his broad brush of stereotypes. She's not on the same level as a practioner of beastiality as Rick Santorum tried to pigeonhole her. She's no more perverse or kinky than any straight person I know (actually a lot less than most, though she talks a good game).

Same could be said of many of the gay man I've worked with over time. At least two of them in my days in the box office of a local theater, and one here at my current place of employment, prior to switching departments. They were all exceptional people. Just like anyone else you'd meet and work with everyday.

There was a point where I had to ask myself "How can I fathom someday bringing children into this world now, knowing that if they happen to be gay, that I brought them into a world where hating them is sanctioned by the powers that be?" That's a scary thought.

I've had a couple of rough days around some of the hardcore Republicans I know. I think I was on the verge of tears the day after the election from some offhand comment thrown out there. Not because I think the person saying it really meant to try and hurt me, or make me feel bad. But the disconnect from some of the Bush supporters I know about just how hurtful and hateful the "base" of that party really is just utterly amazes me.

The only reason I didn't seriously consider looking into selling my house and moving to Canada, Australia, or Europe, is because of something a friend of mine said. He mentioned that this country is based on 200+ plus years of progressivism, and it's too important to abandon now. And I know he's right. We haven't always gotten it right in trying to do the right thing in this country, but ultimately, we always move forward towards the greater good. It's the good fight, the right fight. And I need to be here to offer help in any way I can towards that end.

I likely can't do that here through my little niche on the internet, but there are other things, other ways. Have to find those outlets and make the most of them. In the end, the good guys will win. I know it. I have to believe it.

Will get some movie reviews up later this afternoon. Am taking comments off on this post. If anyone wants to be a troll or flame my thoughts, they can do it to my mail. Thank god for spam filters.

Keep hope alive folks. See you soon.