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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The photos they don't want you to see

Steve from BD Riley's (home from the Austin chapter of the 1759 Society) has a post up at the group blog he contributes to (Bellyfuzz) about the pics that The Memory Hole requested from the Pentagon in a FOIA request. These photos show some of the caskets containing the brave men and women who have gone to war and died for the current administrations deceptions concerning the war on Iraq.

I'm also posting it because the current occupants of the White House don't want you to see these images. They don't attend the funerals, they don't allow cameras at Dover AFB where the caskets arrive, and they FIRED the photographer who posted a similarly respectful image of the care shown to all fallen soldiers as they depart Iraq.

The firing can be read about here. And if you're in Austin, go by BD Riley's and get some love in a pint glass. Tip a Guinness for me, will ya?