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Friday, April 30, 2004

More curves on the Mike Danton road

Last week I put up this post about the curious case of Mike Danton, a hockey player who had a friend try and arrange for a hitman to kill an acquaintance of Danton's. Speculation on the Danton case ran all over the place. Some new info has since come to light about Danton's agent David Frost, who some reports think may have been the target of the hit.

First a correction. In my post I said that Katie Wolfmeyer, Danton's accomplice who arranged for the hitman, knew that the man she contacted was a dispatcher for the police department. That was an incorrect read on my part. This in effect makes her slightly less clueless, although she's still a damn fool in my book for trying to arrange this thing.

Anyway, according to ESPN's Jeremy Schaap, David Frost was investigated for some kind of incident that occurred at Frost's home three years ago. The incident in question involved Frost and Tom Jefferson, Danton's younger brother and a top prospect. The investigation was confirmed by Jeff Jefferson, an uncle to both players. The nature of the investigation was not revealed. Frost was also charged and pled guilty to assault in an incident involving a player on a team that Frost coached at the time.

There appears to be a whole lot of bad juju surrounding Frost. He has to be a cool customer if he really was the target of the plot, as all he's said publicly was that Danton needed serious counseling. But this bears some serious observation. I don't know if Frost has some of the same bad blood that infected Mary Pierce's dad in tennis, or if maybe there's a connection to the "Danton is gay" rumor that King Kaufman wrote about on Salon, and which I mentioned last week. Schaap doesn't mention if Jefferson was a minor when the investigation he wrote about took place, but if he was, could that be playing into it as well? Is Frost some kind of sexual predator? Or just a "hockey dad" gone way over the deep end? Or is he completely innocent, and there's something else going on? Time will tell, but this story bears watching in a sordid tabloid sort of way.