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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

More Schiavo madess

Via Majikthise who's guest posting at Pandagon, we get this post from Ampersand at Alas, A Blog that looks at the 17 affidavits filed on behalf of Schiavo's parents from alleged "experts" who have examined Terri. Or rather...well...examined heavily edited footage of the parent's website...or their own personal family history which has no relation to Terri's case.

Oy freaking vay.

The one examination of the affidavits from Majikthise's original post that blows my mind:

Dr. Ralph Ankenman is a psychiatrist who wants to treat Terri with Namenda (memantine) a drug indicated only for Alzheimer's disease. Ankenman hypothesizes that Schiavo's speech is "blocked" because she is in a dissociative state akin to that of some patients with severe postraumatic stress disorder. He admits that neither his blocking theory nor his as yet untested proposal to treat massive cortical brain damage with Namenda is what you'd call a "standard concept." As he puts it, "Unfortunately there is as yet no published literature validating these assertions." His recommendations are especially unorthodox, given that Terri Schiavo is neither catatonic nor comatose. (empahsis mine)
How in the hell is it more humane to keep this woman alive and let her be a freaking guinea pig for some kind of treatment that has NOTHING TO DO WITH HER CONDITION?!?!?

Stop the world, I want to get off.