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Friday, February 25, 2005

Webcomics randomness

My girl introduced me to a webcomic a ways back called Something Positive. I immediately fell in love because the thing appealed to my sick sense of humor. I mean, come on...any comic that features a boneless hairless cat has to rank reasonably high on the twisted meter.

Little did I know what kind of addiction this would spawn, as I found myself spinning off of links from one webcomic to another and finding more stuff I had to read on a regular basis. Because one of my must read recently ended its run, I thought I would share some favorites in case you're looking for a few good laughs on the internet.

Queen of Wands
- Aeire, the artist who created this strip, brought the whole thing to a close on Wednesday, and that made this kind of a glum week for me to a degree. It's a very well drawn strip focusing on a redhead named Kestrel, and her life with her friends. At times very funny, others poignant and sad, it's one of the most well developed story arcs I've seen in a comic strip, print or web. Aeire is rerunning the entire series (roughly three years of strips that were done three days a week) starting on Monday 2/28/05 with her commentary on what went into each strip. It's a good chance to hop on the bandwagon if you'd like to start something new.

Something Positive
- Not be read if you are the least bit easily offended. Randy Milholland's opus to cynicism, bitterness, and chaos is darkly funny, and almost always edgy. Randy has no issues about throwing a few sacred cows on the barbie at the drop of a hat. When I went through the archive and saw the "Nailed" storyline (which starts here if you want to check it out...don't let the artwork from the early part of the run fool you), I seriously thought about going into his online store and ordering a "Nailed" T-shirt to send to Mel Gibson after viewing Passion of the Christ. It's about as reverent as Mel's work, and better scripted.

Sinfest - Tatsuya Ishida's daily strip pays homage to/rips off a number of different sources. Slick is definitely Calvin merged with Vince Vaughn's Double Down character from Swingers. There's some good social commentary hidden in here too when you're not expecting it. And he digs porn. How can you not like that ;-)

- PvP stands for Player vs Player and centers on a crew working at a video game magazine. Probably the most mainstream in style of anything I have listed, Scott Kurtz still does a nice job of bringing the funny and making characters you can be interested in. I hope to go to a comic convention he's attending here in Austin to buy a Skull plushie for my cats to play with :-).

Lore Brand Comics
- Updated sporadically (Lore's currently on a once a week kick, this week notwithstanding). Usually just some observational humor, both crude and not depending on his mood. Lore was a member of a group called The Brunching Shuttlecocks, which are now defunct. You can see their work in their archive at the above link. Also check out Lore's love song for Bjork. Lore also has some animation up at Bandwidth Theater.

Questionable Content
- Jeph Jacques strip is entertaining in that it's helped me get a little bit of insight in the workings of the minds of the generation after me. Jeph was born in 1980 according to his FAQ. That would make me feel old were it not the same year my girl was born in :-). He also gives his readers a good line on what the best new indie bands are through his characters. Anything that turns me onto good new music is all right by me :-).

- Websnark is not a comic, but a blog kept by a good man by the name of Eric Burns. Eric writes about all sorts of comics, both web and print, as well as anything else that tickles his fancy. Eric's a good resource for finding other hidden gems on the web, and just a fun read in general.

All I got for tonight. Hope to see Ray tomorrow, and get the other two best picture noms in before Sunday's big show. Talk to you all later.