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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Sound Science fiction
A week behind the curve, but still very relevant, is this story from The Gadflyer about the manipulation by conservatives over the meaning of "sound science":

Much of the modern conservative agenda on science is embodied in the enigmatic phrase "sound science," a term used with increasing frequency these days despite its apparent lack of a clear, agreed-upon definition. In one sense, "sound science" simply means "good science." Indeed, when unwitting liberals and journalists have been caught using the phrase – which happens quite frequently – it appears to have been with this meaning in mind.

Conservatives, too, want people to hear "good science" when they say "sound science." But there are reasons for thinking they actually mean something more by the term.

Considering the noise that's sure to come up next Friday when The Day After Tomorrow gets released, I think it's a good read to keep in mind when the Bushies start lambasting the movie over its avoidance of "sound science". Recognize it for the horse manure it is.