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Friday, May 07, 2004

Common sense prevails for once

Spidey has left the ballfield:

One day after hearing the public and media outcry following the announcement of the alliance between the league and Columbia Pictures in conjunction with the summer release of "Spider-Man 2," Major League Baseball officials and Columbia Pictures executives decided to scale back the promotion.

"It isn't worth, frankly, having a debate about," commissioner Bud Selig told The Associated Press in Oakland before the Yankees-Athletics game.

"I'm a traditionalist," he said. "The problem in sports marketing, particularly in baseball, is you're always walking a very sensitive line. Nobody loves tradition and history as much as I do."

Bullshit Bud. You're a ho, and you always will be, trying to turn a buck. You got an influx of cash from the new park for the Brewers, and then you bailed on the team. But you deserve a smidge of credit for coming to the realization that there are some limits. That is shocking to me, but I'll give you a smidge of credit for it (mostly cause for some reason I like typing "smidge").

King Kaufman had a good piece up yesterday at Salon (click through the ad on the day pass to view) on just how moronic the whole endeavor was. I'm glad to see that he may be able to write today about how baseball came to its senses.