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Sunday, March 07, 2004

The origins of Hankblog

I thought it might be prudent to put up a more detailed description of what this particular spot on the internet really is:

Why is this called Hankblog?
My given name is Enrique, which is the Spanish for Henry (though I haven't been Hank to anyone since grade school). As far as Hankblog, opposed to some other name containing Henry or Enrique, I got the name from a folk band that played at Paramount Theater in Austin who called themselves Hank Dogs. Think they opened up for Joan Baez. Anyway, a friend of mine (Jamie) had their CD (I think she worked for me at the Theater the night of the show), and the name always stuck in my head. Hankblog seemed a natural way to go.

So What is Hankblog?
Well other than the standard online journal/sounding board that a fair number of personal blogs are, it's also a way for me to talk about some of the things I get passionate about. Jamie said that I got most animated talking to people when the conversation turned to two subjects: movies and sports (especially baseball). Over the course of our friendship, politics has worked its way into the tail end of the topical rotation, but the main loves stayed the same.

One night at a friend's home when we had a day long party of sorts to watch Godfather I & II, another friend (Gina) and I got into a conversation about movies that one of us had seen and the other had not. We each made a list for the other of movies that person had to see as soon as possible. One movie actually sparked a huge argument afterwards (Gina, if you read this, I still stand by Fight Club as a great movie, but apologize for inflicting it on you ;-). It got me to thinking about other movies that I thought people need to see (or avoid), and once I learned more about blogging, I realized I had both a forum to air these discussions, and a topic or two to talk about.

The real key was trying to keep this going. Once of my worst habits lies in not finishing things after I start them. I had an aborted attempt at trying to keep this thing going for the Virtual Baseball League I participate in, but found it very difficult to write about on a regular basis. When the new year rolled around, I made a resolution to pick this up, and stick with it, trying to write at least every weekday. And it's worked. I find this to be therapeutic, and it's been a wonder helping me form ideas a little more coherently by putting them down on paper (metaphorically speaking).

Each week, as my personal schedule permits, I'll bring up a list of movies around a central theme that I think people should see (or avoid). I'll discuss a movie a day, along with observations from around the web about politics, movies, and sports, that I think people need to read about. And like most bloggers, I'll add offbeat stuff that I think people need to see.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?
As of this writing, I am a 32 year old pseudo-Hispanic. That is to say I have Hispanic heritage, but almost no grasp on the language or culture, sadly. I work for a computer company. I recently completed a degree that was a long time in coming (13 years from beginning to end, with a lot of life intervening). Divorced, but amicable with the ex (that would be Brea a.k.a. The Goddess, who will make the occasional contribution to these pages). Above all else, a devoted film fanatic, and ardent baseball fan.

Most importantly, I am very easy going, and welcome a good reasoned argument. If ever you view something differently from me, please say so in the comments. I like a good back and forth discussion, and if it helps keep this thing moving along, so much the better.